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Super foods paired with Chia seeds are an ultra fab way to curb your afternoon cravings and satisfy your sweet tooth all while adding super brain power to your day. Check out this delicious smoothie I found and want to share with my beloved gorgeous and glowing friends! Enjoy!
Ingredients: (I recommend using organic)
  • 1 peeled Kiwi
  • ½ banana (for best results use sliced and frozen bananas)
  • ½ cup strawberries
  • 3 green tea ice cubes (made from brewed organic green tea)
  • 1 tbsp ground chia Seeds
  • 1½ cups almond milk
Place all ingredients in blender and blend until smooth. Serve immediately. Makes one large serving. Enjoy!

Honored to be featured on one of my fav e-mags today! MindbodyGreen! 

Hello & Happy Wednesday my beauties! One of my fav sites to follow is one green planet and just recently a fab new smoothie recipe popped up that I thought would be of major interest to my readers 🙂 Read below, drink up and give me a shout as to how you liked it!

This smoothie comes together in just a few minutes, making it great for a filling breakfast on-the-go. It’s also vegan and gluten-free!


1. 2 cups of baby spinach, loosely packed

2. 1/2 cup unsweetened coconut milk (carton, not can)

3. 1/4 cup coconut kefir or plain/unsweetened coconut yogurt

4. 2 tsp pecan butter (almond butter would also work)

5. 1/4 cup pumpkin puree (fresh or canned)

6. 2 T unsweetened coconut flakes

7. 1 T plain or vanilla protein powder (optional)

8.  1/4 tsp vanilla extract

9. 5 drops of liquid stevia, to taste

10. 3/4 cup frozen blueberries

11. 3-4 ice cubes, if needed to cool/thicken


Enjoy in good health.


Wellness Wishes,wake up and be awesome



As the holiday season is behind us, a renewed and fresh spirit of beginnings is upon us. A time for reflection, introspection, vitality, and curiosity. A beautiful start to self discovery, a path towards a deeper sense of authenticity, a radical take on the traditional “new year resolution.” Have you ever sat with your thoughts and asked yourself ” Am I living out my authentic self?” I have three simple steps to breaking this question down this new year that will spark your inner guide to moving on a path that’s authentically and fabulously YOU!
-Set a daily intention: Sounds easy, right? But life gets in the way and we move throughout our days without accomplishing a fulfilling task or being present for ourself. At bedtime or upon waking in the morning, jot down one intention for your day; whether it’s to be mindful of being a better listener, staying present while you wash your dishes or taking 30 minutes for yourself that day; this daily intention goal-setting exercise will assist you in not only being mindful in your daily actions, but creating a greater awareness and opening within yourself.
-Get Passionate!: What makes you tick? What do you gravitate towards? Dig a little deeper this January in search of your passion. While the word passion tends to bring about grandiose plans, think small on this one for a minute. What do you love and how can you incorporate this love into your life in small ways, but on a regular basis. The key here is regularity and repetition. Incorporation of your passion in small ways will have transformative results. Once your actions are led with love and passion, its limitless what you can do! Have fun with this one!
-Think Positively: The power of positive psychology is grand. There truly is a silver lining in almost all situations. How can you turn the negative into positive? Did you know that smiling boosts your seratonin and dopamine levels while increasing your immunity and relieving stress? That in itself is reason to smile! 🙂 Scientific evidence suggests that positive thinking and positive reacting alters our brain chemistry and has profound physiological benefits on our body. We are spiritual and emotional beings living in a material world. We are what we think!

Enjoy your authentic self this year with these three simple steps. Get radically curious about your unique self, there is only one YOU in this world. Love it, Learn it, Live it!

The happy holidays are among us; a time for reflection, for spreading peace, compassion and perfecting the art of giving. Not only giving to others, but giving unto ourselves as well. Sometimes we forget that nurturing our bodies enables us to give more freely and more lovingly to those in need. Once we understand that loving ourselves entirely will result in a greater, more mindful and present you, your ability to give wholeheartedly becomes effortless. In your giving efforts, whether it be material or not, giving of your heart,your thoughts and energy directed to someone in need produces a beautiful bond. Don’t forget to love yourself this holiday season! Through yoga, massage, a hike or a beautifully prepared meal, your mind, heart and soul with thank you 🙂

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…naturally. Getting gorgeous from the inside out includes a lil something to be mindful of…posture. For as long as I can remember, strangers have stopped me to comment on my posture. Whether they ask if I am a dancer or just to tell me they admire the way I sit up in a chair, stand upright, drive my car, ect I’ve always been noticed for my ballerina-like stance. Flattered indeed, I thought I would shed some light on the physiological and mental processes of the simple act of standing tall, like you mean it!

Believe it or not- shoulders back, chest out, walking tall are not just fitness- related lingo, they are natural beauty secrets toward complementing that inner beauty we all want to make known & shine.
Posture, while strengthening your lower back and core, can transform your mood for the day. Just as a smile lifts you out of a funk ; walking tall boosts your physical and mental aura. Walk the walk, talk the talk and you begin to notice your overall sense of being shift toward a heightened sense of awareness, not only for yourself, but toward others as well. By being mindful of how we stand within our bodies, the mental aspect will begin to take notice, leading you on a path of looking and feeling your best!
Change your mind, change your body: becoming mindful of your actions will lead to a greater sense of care for your body. This is the essence of creating your most gorgeous self…your inner & outer body should always be in balance. Once achieved…you are beautiful 🙂



Beauty Rest…everyone wants it, not may know just how to get it. After many restless nights I’ve come to find a wonderfully holistic way to ensure some beauty in your sleep, wake up refreshed and ready to start your day! Learning that a night of restful sleep requires nourishing of your body, mind and spirit; when all are nurtured is when your system can fully relax, rejuvenate and drift off into a deep slumber. Here are four simple steps to move you into your best beauty sleep yet:

*Magnesium Citrate Powder- Magnesium is a crucial mineral that aids in the health of your heart, muscles and kidneys. Mineral magnesium controls over 300 of your bodily functions, stabilizing blood sugar while promoting heart health just to name a couple. Normal sleep patterns are associated with adequate Magnesium levels. Ionic Magnesium, in its easily digestible powder form one hour before bed time works to calm the body while regulating calcium levels. My favorite brand is CALM which you can get at your local Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy or Whole Foods Market. Mix 1 teaspoon in a few ounces of warm water one hour before bedtime for best results.

* Warm Almond Milk with crushed pepitas- Pepitas, otherwise known as pumpkin seeds are a delicious favorite this time year. Pepitas are chocked full of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, great for your skin’s complexion and body. This low calorie, highly nutritious seasonal snack is loaded with Magnesium, Manganese, Zinc, Copper and Potassium. I usually savor a small snack prior to bedtime (usually about an hour beforehand) and this secret does the trick!
Try half a handful of organic crushed pumpkin seeds in a mug of warm almond milk; sip and savor slowly. It’s comfort in a cup, relaxing in nature, all while earning your extra dose of nutrition before the days end.

* Hot Bath with calming essential oils- The most relaxing way to conclude your evening is with a hot drawn bath. Adding a few drops of Eucalyptus and Lavender essential oils is a wonderful way to inhale these aromatic scents loaded with soothing properties. You will notice your entire body quiet, relax and ease into a state of calm. I recommend a soak of about 20 minutes to feel its full effects. Try raw, extra virgin coconut oil as a body lotion once you’ve toweled off. Its a totally raw & organic experience (with oodles of deliciousness in its scent)

*Yoga Posture Stretching-So, the idea here is not to get your heart rate up and break a sweat, but some light soothing yoga asanas prior to bedtime can lengthen out the muscles you just soothed and promote a deeper, more restful state. First try the seated twist: sit up tall, legs crossed and spiral up and to the left, then right, breathing into each twist. Next is the forward bend. Lengthen your legs straight out in front of you, toes pointed up towards the ceiling and fold over touching your toes, breathing deeply into each fold over. Hold for 15 seconds and repeat 3 times.
Next is a bent knee lying down twist. Fold one knee in half up towards your waist, twist over the left and right, again breathing as you twist. Lastly, is a short seated mediation to conclude your stretching. Sit upright for 10 minutes, in silence taking diaphragm full breaths, focusing on your breathing, concluding the day with mindfulness.

A full body approach to a night’s rest can soothe your body, your mind and your soul. Using mindfulness in addressing your body’s needs will deem greater results while having supporting a profound physiological effect on your body. Get your Zzz’s, get gorgeous and get well from the inside out with these simple steps to beautiful, restful and deep sleep.
Wellness Wishes,

Have you recently felt feelings of  jubilation, like your floating on top of the world, yet simultaneously grounded? Most likely, you were experiencing the by-product of being truly balanced within your body. Your mind and your body collaborated in unison and the result was this harmonious flow of beautiful thoughts within a calm and tranquil body. Balancing your mind, body and spirit truthfully does require effort; recognizing the places within that need nurture and learning how to feed those devoid spots.  When mind, body and spirit are connected and are all being carefully developed with patience, time, energy and love, you will experience peace, affinity and an angelic melody to move through life with ease. There are several ways to create that structure, that balance that we all long for. Relationships are key to enjoying the balance we all crave. Relationships with people, food and thyself. Begin by asking yourself how are your relationships? Are you hungry for more love, touch, sex, intimacy or friendship? (Remember, they are all different.) How could your relationships benefit by adding any of these five elements? How are your interactions with family & friends? Do you feel fulfilled by those in your life, are they giving and receiving just as you are? Sit back and reflect on your relationship with the food you eat. Do you have cravings? When do you have them? Do you eat in response to emotional situations? Cravings can be intense and are in response to a vitamin, mineral or fat deficiency. By understanding your deficiency, you can work to eliminate your cravings and have a deeper and more distinguished understanding and appreciation for your body and thus treat it with loving kindness. Knowledge is a powerful tool in creating your ultimate state of wellness. This state is different for everyone. We are all unique, as one person’s  delight can be another’s poison. When was the last time you satisfied yourself spiritually? Whether it’s a walk in the park, a stroll on the beach (barefoot!) or simply sitting quietly with yourself in a meditative state; ask yourself how nourishing your spiritual side impacts your overall sense of wellness? The beauty in the art of balance is that we have full control over our bodies level of balance simply by our actions and reactions to life. Finding your personal sense of calm, creating a safe space to reflect and learning how to love yourself fully from the inside out can provide immense nourishment and inner beauty, shining from within, permeating outward. While most of us tend to feel off kilter from time to time, knowing how to bring yourself back into balance and recognizing that a change needs to be implemented is half the battle. Deep breathing, yoga, meditation, gardening,a great chat with a close friend, a hug and a cup of tea along with a good read always brings me back to my safe and comfy space. Sometimes all it takes is a great start to your morning, scratching off from your to-do list, a hug from a loved one or a hike on a sunny day to feel the physiological, mental and emotional effects of a body in balance. While it can be phrased as an art, balance is first felt by taking the time to love yourself enough to live in harmony….mind, body, spirit as one. Need a few tips to get back on the balance wagon? Once you feel imbalanced, take 15 minutes of silence; sit quietly and practice deep breathing from the depths of your belly. This type of breathing will slow your heart rate down as well as your racing mind and your body will slowly begin to restore itself into balance. Grab a buddy and get moving! When your body’s in motion, you’ve broken a sweat, your mind can clear itself of toxic thoughts; your endorphins kick into high gear and tackling your to-do-list wont feel as daunting! Lastly, attempt to schedule ” me time.” Love yourself enough to cook a beautiful meal on a weeknight, take an after dinner stroll, curl up with your fav book or simply practice some living room yoga by candlelight. Restorative activities have a wonderful overall effect on your health, thus bringing your state back into balance, all while feeling gorgeous from the inside out! Keep it simple, lovely and purely authentic…the art of balance awaits.

And we’re off…to the farm! I was stoked. Driving through the rolling hills, looping through the majestic toffee colored landscape, we spotted cows, calfs, sheep and not the slightest sign of residential real estate as far as our eyes could see. It was desolate, beautiful, peaceful. As we approached the gates, two mama cows starred at us while their 1 day old calfs wobbled right behind them. Our tour guide gave us the spiel and off we went, darting straight for the dwarf apple trees. We got to taste 8 different varieties before committing to which tree we favored most. Baby picked and ate, picked and ate until she found her fav, it was a blast! The goats, sheep, chickens,turkeys, pigs and two estate dogs gave so much life to this place-it was a beautiful thing 🙂 The 580 acre ranch honestly made me want to go back to my vegan days. It showcased just exactly how animals are supposed to live; happy & free, adored and coveted all in harmony.  The farm felt so alive; all living things treasured by those who came from near & far  to admire, pick, play and eat closest to the earth, as nature intended. It reconfirmed to me the importance of living a conscious life, to take time to know where your food comes from, and to be mindful of  life around you. From the organic tomatoes, the countless varieties of apple trees, all the farm animals and the blooming sunflowers around us, I was in heaven. Part of living a gorgeous life is living pure, living green and reconnecting with the earth. As a new season approaches, embrace the beauty of what Fall has to offer us and celebrate it in local, organic and seasonal fashion 🙂

Wellness Wishes,

As summer winds down to a close and Fall is on the horizon, its a time for reflection of warm days and bbq’s, kids playing in the sand and ice cream (coconut ice cream I hope!) cones on a long walk after dinner. Ahh summer, how fun and carefree you are 🙂 As Fall approaches, I’m instantly drawn to grounding foods, warm spices, comfort in a cup… The skies are still blue, there is a crispness in the air that I love and a natural mood change fills my home. A more subdued hue, a relaxing night in by the fire and a warm dinner of roasted acorn squash, spiced quinoa with nuts and braised greens. After our meal, a reflective time with a warm mug of tea soothes my belly and concludes a perfect evening. Yogi teas are my favorite, the best part about them are their inspirational quotes on the end of the string. Today mine reads “Bliss is a constant state of mind, undisturbed by gain or loss.” So true indeed! Ginger tea warms the gut, improves digestion while including a group of wonderful herbs, roots and grasses in its blend. It has organic ginger root, lemongrass, licorice root, peppermint leaf and black pepper. Medicinal in their properties and healing and comforting at the same time. Another favorite is Purely Peppermint. Its known to soothe indigestion and give your belly a warming yet vitalizing effect. There are countless categories of Yogi Tea that you can find at your local grocer, they range from Detox and Wellness teas, to snack teas and teas specifically for women. Pick up one that you find interesting and share your tea experience with me. What’s your comfort in a cup?

Wellness Wishes,