As the holiday season is behind us, a renewed and fresh spirit of beginnings is upon us. A time for reflection, introspection, vitality, and curiosity. A beautiful start to self discovery, a path towards a deeper sense of authenticity, a radical take on the traditional “new year resolution.” Have you ever sat with your thoughts and asked yourself ” Am I living out my authentic self?” I have three simple steps to breaking this question down this new year that will spark your inner guide to moving on a path that’s authentically and fabulously YOU!
-Set a daily intention: Sounds easy, right? But life gets in the way and we move throughout our days without accomplishing a fulfilling task or being present for ourself. At bedtime or upon waking in the morning, jot down one intention for your day; whether it’s to be mindful of being a better listener, staying present while you wash your dishes or taking 30 minutes for yourself that day; this daily intention goal-setting exercise will assist you in not only being mindful in your daily actions, but creating a greater awareness and opening within yourself.
-Get Passionate!: What makes you tick? What do you gravitate towards? Dig a little deeper this January in search of your passion. While the word passion tends to bring about grandiose plans, think small on this one for a minute. What do you love and how can you incorporate this love into your life in small ways, but on a regular basis. The key here is regularity and repetition. Incorporation of your passion in small ways will have transformative results. Once your actions are led with love and passion, its limitless what you can do! Have fun with this one!
-Think Positively: The power of positive psychology is grand. There truly is a silver lining in almost all situations. How can you turn the negative into positive? Did you know that smiling boosts your seratonin and dopamine levels while increasing your immunity and relieving stress? That in itself is reason to smile! 🙂 Scientific evidence suggests that positive thinking and positive reacting alters our brain chemistry and has profound physiological benefits on our body. We are spiritual and emotional beings living in a material world. We are what we think!

Enjoy your authentic self this year with these three simple steps. Get radically curious about your unique self, there is only one YOU in this world. Love it, Learn it, Live it!