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The happy holidays are among us; a time for reflection, for spreading peace, compassion and perfecting the art of giving. Not only giving to others, but giving unto ourselves as well. Sometimes we forget that nurturing our bodies enables us to give more freely and more lovingly to those in need. Once we understand that loving ourselves entirely will result in a greater, more mindful and present you, your ability to give wholeheartedly becomes effortless. In your giving efforts, whether it be material or not, giving of your heart,your thoughts and energy directed to someone in need produces a beautiful bond. Don’t forget to love yourself this holiday season! Through yoga, massage, a hike or a beautifully prepared meal, your mind, heart and soul with thank you 🙂


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…naturally. Getting gorgeous from the inside out includes a lil something to be mindful of…posture. For as long as I can remember, strangers have stopped me to comment on my posture. Whether they ask if I am a dancer or just to tell me they admire the way I sit up in a chair, stand upright, drive my car, ect I’ve always been noticed for my ballerina-like stance. Flattered indeed, I thought I would shed some light on the physiological and mental processes of the simple act of standing tall, like you mean it!

Believe it or not- shoulders back, chest out, walking tall are not just fitness- related lingo, they are natural beauty secrets toward complementing that inner beauty we all want to make known & shine.
Posture, while strengthening your lower back and core, can transform your mood for the day. Just as a smile lifts you out of a funk ; walking tall boosts your physical and mental aura. Walk the walk, talk the talk and you begin to notice your overall sense of being shift toward a heightened sense of awareness, not only for yourself, but toward others as well. By being mindful of how we stand within our bodies, the mental aspect will begin to take notice, leading you on a path of looking and feeling your best!
Change your mind, change your body: becoming mindful of your actions will lead to a greater sense of care for your body. This is the essence of creating your most gorgeous self…your inner & outer body should always be in balance. Once achieved…you are beautiful 🙂