Beauty Rest…everyone wants it, not may know just how to get it. After many restless nights I’ve come to find a wonderfully holistic way to ensure some beauty in your sleep, wake up refreshed and ready to start your day! Learning that a night of restful sleep requires nourishing of your body, mind and spirit; when all are nurtured is when your system can fully relax, rejuvenate and drift off into a deep slumber. Here are four simple steps to move you into your best beauty sleep yet:

*Magnesium Citrate Powder- Magnesium is a crucial mineral that aids in the health of your heart, muscles and kidneys. Mineral magnesium controls over 300 of your bodily functions, stabilizing blood sugar while promoting heart health just to name a couple. Normal sleep patterns are associated with adequate Magnesium levels. Ionic Magnesium, in its easily digestible powder form one hour before bed time works to calm the body while regulating calcium levels. My favorite brand is CALM which you can get at your local Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy or Whole Foods Market. Mix 1 teaspoon in a few ounces of warm water one hour before bedtime for best results.

* Warm Almond Milk with crushed pepitas- Pepitas, otherwise known as pumpkin seeds are a delicious favorite this time year. Pepitas are chocked full of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, great for your skin’s complexion and body. This low calorie, highly nutritious seasonal snack is loaded with Magnesium, Manganese, Zinc, Copper and Potassium. I usually savor a small snack prior to bedtime (usually about an hour beforehand) and this secret does the trick!
Try half a handful of organic crushed pumpkin seeds in a mug of warm almond milk; sip and savor slowly. It’s comfort in a cup, relaxing in nature, all while earning your extra dose of nutrition before the days end.

* Hot Bath with calming essential oils- The most relaxing way to conclude your evening is with a hot drawn bath. Adding a few drops of Eucalyptus and Lavender essential oils is a wonderful way to inhale these aromatic scents loaded with soothing properties. You will notice your entire body quiet, relax and ease into a state of calm. I recommend a soak of about 20 minutes to feel its full effects. Try raw, extra virgin coconut oil as a body lotion once you’ve toweled off. Its a totally raw & organic experience (with oodles of deliciousness in its scent)

*Yoga Posture Stretching-So, the idea here is not to get your heart rate up and break a sweat, but some light soothing yoga asanas prior to bedtime can lengthen out the muscles you just soothed and promote a deeper, more restful state. First try the seated twist: sit up tall, legs crossed and spiral up and to the left, then right, breathing into each twist. Next is the forward bend. Lengthen your legs straight out in front of you, toes pointed up towards the ceiling and fold over touching your toes, breathing deeply into each fold over. Hold for 15 seconds and repeat 3 times.
Next is a bent knee lying down twist. Fold one knee in half up towards your waist, twist over the left and right, again breathing as you twist. Lastly, is a short seated mediation to conclude your stretching. Sit upright for 10 minutes, in silence taking diaphragm full breaths, focusing on your breathing, concluding the day with mindfulness.

A full body approach to a night’s rest can soothe your body, your mind and your soul. Using mindfulness in addressing your body’s needs will deem greater results while having supporting a profound physiological effect on your body. Get your Zzz’s, get gorgeous and get well from the inside out with these simple steps to beautiful, restful and deep sleep.
Wellness Wishes,