And we’re off…to the farm! I was stoked. Driving through the rolling hills, looping through the majestic toffee colored landscape, we spotted cows, calfs, sheep and not the slightest sign of residential real estate as far as our eyes could see. It was desolate, beautiful, peaceful. As we approached the gates, two mama cows starred at us while their 1 day old calfs wobbled right behind them. Our tour guide gave us the spiel and off we went, darting straight for the dwarf apple trees. We got to taste 8 different varieties before committing to which tree we favored most. Baby picked and ate, picked and ate until she found her fav, it was a blast! The goats, sheep, chickens,turkeys, pigs and two estate dogs gave so much life to this place-it was a beautiful thing 🙂 The 580 acre ranch honestly made me want to go back to my vegan days. It showcased just exactly how animals are supposed to live; happy & free, adored and coveted all in harmony.  The farm felt so alive; all living things treasured by those who came from near & far  to admire, pick, play and eat closest to the earth, as nature intended. It reconfirmed to me the importance of living a conscious life, to take time to know where your food comes from, and to be mindful of  life around you. From the organic tomatoes, the countless varieties of apple trees, all the farm animals and the blooming sunflowers around us, I was in heaven. Part of living a gorgeous life is living pure, living green and reconnecting with the earth. As a new season approaches, embrace the beauty of what Fall has to offer us and celebrate it in local, organic and seasonal fashion 🙂

Wellness Wishes,