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Desire a more radiant, youthful glow…yes please! If you are anything like most gals out there, you are on the hunt for glowing skin, free of blemishes and full of freshness. Here are a handful of tips to get you started!

* Ditch the Caffeine! I know its easier said than done, but if you can commit to cutting out the ol’ joe at least three times per week, you can maximize your freshness and get that dewy look back into your skin. Caffeine can be rather drying unless you are guzzling water while you are downing your morning joe. No need to cut it out completely, but save your skin (and your liver) the dry creek look and grab yourself a fresh pressed juice or some hot water with lemon on your way out the door.

*Up your intake of leafy greens! Kale, spinach, swiss chard and dandelion greens do wonders for your skin. They are hydrating and chocked full of vitamins and minerals. Best of all, they are energizing greens that not only give you an added boost, but detoxify your insides for a cleaner, more vibrant you! Try substituting greens instead of your salad as a compliment to your daily protein- its richer in vitamins and minerals and has anti inflammatory properties that do wonders for your skin.

*Hydrate! Yes, I know…you’ve heard this time and time again, but getting enough H2O is the simplest, cleanest way to hydrate your cells and give you that refreshed look. Rather than relying on your daily moisturizer for that added plumpness, carry around your water bottle for some serious sipping and hydrate from the inside out.

*Berries, Berries and more berries! Antioxidant central and oh so delicious! Do me a favor and add 1/2 to 3/4  cup of blackberries, raspberries and blueberries mixed together to your morning routine or as an afternoon snack (with a handful of soaked almonds) Berries are nutritious, delicious and your skin just loves them! The blue color of the blueberry comes from its poly phenols which provide most of the antioxidant properties. Berries contain Manganese-loaded with trace minerals and crucial for bone development while metabolizing proteins, carbs and fats. Don’t forget Fiber which regulates your digestive system (your skin loves this!) and its ability to keep cholesterol at bay. Lastly the Vitamin C in berries are in their purest form, no jars needed and just 1 cup yields 25% of your daily value. Healthy gums and assistance in iron absorption a bonus! 😉

* Move! A brisk walk, a light jog or some groovy dance moves will keep you skin blushy and beautiful! When you exercise, your skin begins to produce more of its natural oils that help skin look supple and healthy. While that can naturally moisturize skin, remember to cleanse your face gently as part of your skin care routine when you shower to prevent any breakouts. My new fav skincare line (that I just partnered with! WOO HOO!) is SKIN. 100% chemical & paraben- free organic and totally fabulous! Be good to your skin and give your face the love that you give your insides. Check them out

Just as you set intentions for yourself, don’t forget your skin. A happy, more gorgeous you awaits…Keep me posted on your progress.

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As a believer in all things Ayurveda, the ancient medical science of India, I had to discover their most famous dietary staple…Ghee. What is Ghee and why didn’t I know anyone eating it? Ghee is (as the people of India claim it to be) the best fat one can eat and part of a well balanced diet, essential to your health. First of all, its made only on the full or waxing moons and has one of the highest flash points of any cooking oil, making it void of the oxidized cholesterol, transfatty acids and hydrogenated fats. The butter is cooked down over an open flame in huge stainless steel pots and whats left is this nutty, caramel-like flavor loaded with goodness 🙂 The beauty of this sweet & nutty treat is that the casein (the protein in lactose), milk solids and the lactose itself are not present after the boiling process; therefore its free of all the gnarly inflammatory junk that corrupts your insides and takes all the fun out of eating dairy (at least for me!).

So where can you find Ghee? I buy mine at our local farmers market and prefer Ancient Organics Ghee, made locally in Berkeley and sourced from Strauss Family Creamery. I’m sure you can find it at your local Whole Foods market or any Indian specialty store. Try it on toast, pancakes, for sautéing and as a substitute for whenever you get the urge to use butter, olive oil or any other cooking oil you tend to reach for.

I hope you get a chance to try it-It’ll make you sing and your body will love you for it 🙂

Ghee is medicinal, nutritious and delicious…give it a try and keep me posted

PS_ really interesting article about Ghee!

I recently returned from a wellness retreat in Arizona and noticed the difficulty in keeping my alignment balanced and mindful…why was this? I spent one week eating organic, seasonally prepared five star cuisine followed by morning yoga and meditation and concluding the day with a relaxation massage. This was my routine for 5 days straight. I was in heaven. It’s unfortunate that the bustle of life began to interfere with my zen-like state at Miraval and slowly my morning yoga followed by meditation practice started to dwindle when I returned home. It’s as though home was not a place for buddhist like behavior and I was only to feel “in the zone” while away on vacation. I write this post as a reminder to myself that every day can be the Miraval experience; everyday can we live Life In Balance and showcase to ourselves and be a model to others that life and its pace shall not impede on our health, our happiness and our balance. Life is made up of obstacles and challenges as reminders that we stay focused. Love yourself enough to take time out of your hectic life to listen to your body, remain conscious of your choices and holistically stay in tune and nourish yourself. You’re worth it 🙂